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Footprints: Rosemarie Gayle - A light we will miss

Published:Tuesday | April 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM

She was born Rosemarie Gayle to Sonia Forbes and Sean Gayle on August 24, 1990, in Spaldings, Manchester.

This beam of light was fondly called 'Cryssie' by her friends and family.

She had four siblings and was close to her grandmother, Mavis Curet, who was very influential in leading her to grace.

Cryssie never turned back.

She was an active member of Faith Apostolic Ministries and under mentorship to be the head of the junior choir at All Saints previously.

She was only 17 years old when she met her husband, Gromyko 'Neiko' Brown, and if there was a story about love at first sight, then this was it.

Her glowing personality and virtuous spirit shone so brightly that he could not help but be drawn to her. In fact, everyone was drawn to her.

Cryssie was the life of the party, the one who everyone loved and still loves.

After death, Cryssie and Neiko's love transcended into his love notes to her.

"I miss washing your clothes every Saturday, not to mention giving you a bath. The blender, I would be blending your juice in the mornings, anticipating your calls in the evening to say what you'd need me to take home for you. I really miss rubbing your feet, even though you said I did it the worst. Miss our morning and evening prayers.

"OMG! The lazy days were the best, we would sleep all day.

"Miss our imaginary vacations when we would put our sunglasses on and lay in the bed pretending we were at a hotel."

Said Neiko: "Cryssie would be like, 'Neiko, come let's go in the pool', and I would be like, 'no mama, I am at an all-inclusive, so I am going by the grill and the juice bar'... .

"It all boils down to me missing you!

"We do miss you, too. While the world will be without a marvellous light, Heaven has surely gained a most beautiful angel. Because that is what you have always been, an angel. Earth was just not ready or prepared for you. You are gone but not forgotten."