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Keeping power and energy alive

Published:Wednesday | April 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sheree Martin, Senior Vice President, Customer and Corporate Services.

Senior vice-president, Customer and Corporate Services, Sheree Martin, is pioneering change at Jamaica Public Service (JPS), the leading energy provider for Jamaica.

Having worked in the banking industry, Martin noted that the energy sector is subject to the same dynamics, as all fields go through radical transformation periodically.

"It is an exciting time to be in the energy sector, especially at JPS. It's a constantly changing environment that transforms with each new challenge, triumph, setback, lesson and relationship that comes our way," she said.

Martin acknowledges that, in the past, JPS had been largely seen as a hateful monopoly and was forced to take a sharp look at itself, shake off old habits and embrace being a revolutionary leader in the sector, with the aim to be better, greater, faster and more caring.

She commended the company for making an effort in 2012 to reshape customers' views by starting with their employees and coming together to reflect on what a new JPS should look like.

This led to a new corporate vision, mission and new ways of working. JPS now works hard at putting the right people in the right place, keeping customers happy and doing good in neighbourhoods where they operate.

The journey is not over and JPS is constantly conducting customer satisfaction surveys which have shown improvement year over year.

JPS has also responded to the changing energy market and is making strides to move from the traditional utility business model based on cost-plus and tariffs, to growth in renewables and the "clean and green" environment agenda. It is now the company's aim to position Jamaica to enjoy fuel diversity, affordability and security.

Martin recognises her role in this change as focusing on building consciousness for the inner greatness that is within all of us and by helping others to start operating from a place of that power. She said "We have all been told what can and cannot achieve, and many still do not believe they have the ability to realise any vision they have despite so many examples of persons who manifest their desires and are living their dreams. When you start to make that shift in thinking and feeling, your world literally changes and you become more empowered."

With regards to her success, Martin acknowledged mentorship as playing a key role in her personal and professional growth as she has benefited from having a small circle of advisors.

From this, she has built successful teams, implemented new initiatives, achieved business targets and navigated workplace relationships.

Mentorship has also helped her to take things as they come, make choices that serve her higher good and write her "own script" for how things unfold and always go within, where her true power resides.