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Black Accent sends message to the people through music

Published:Thursday | April 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Contributed Black Accent

Realising his love for music while in high school, Rohan Tugman, otherwise known as Black Accent, gradually developed his craft, not because his main aim was to entertain, but because he could offer uplifting messages to those who would give a listening ear.

The 35-year-old reggae artiste, who was born and raised in Manchester, spent part of his early years in Osborne Store, Clarendon. His mother migrated and he then left the Osborne Store area to live with his father in Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine. Black Accent was still attending the Osborne Store All-Age School, so he travelled from Old Harbor Bay on a daily basis to attend classes.

At age 16, during his last two years of high school, Black Accent really developed his love for singing and started taking it seriously. He also began writing songs. He started exploring his talent, singing for the first time in public at a fashion show in his community. He gained more confidence and was later featured on various stage shows in his community and neighbouring areas. He started travelling far and wide to different parishes at around age 21 to perform at stage shows and made regular visits to studios, where he recorded songs.


"I am inspired by the Most High, first and foremost, and then artistes like the late Bob Marley and Garnet silk. I am also inspired by Wayne Wonder and several others. I have been in this music business seriously since 1997, and though I entertain, I must first get my message across," he said.

"I love and appreciate all genres of music, however, my first love is reggae, and for that reason, I made a decision to sing reggae and help to keep my culture alive."

In 2015, Black Accent met up with producer Noel Taffe in Toll Gate, Clarendon after performing a few of his songs at a stage show. He was later signed to Taffe's label, NOZAK Records.

With plans to accomplish all he can, while he can, Black Accent has his hopes set on developing international appeal.

"I am hoping to accomplish my dream and let people know the Most High, through my music. I want my message to reach right across the world."