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Gore Foundation Gives Sheets to Hospitals

Published:Thursday | May 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Nadia Adams-Richards (second left), acting CEO, and Charmaine O’Reilly (left), in-service education officer at Kingston Public Hospital, are delighted to receive the new sheet sets for the hospital, courtesy of Christine Gore, director, Gore Family Foundation.

Caroline Pryor, a Florida track star whose mother is Jamaican, and Christine Gore have partnered in a sheet drive for the 425-bed Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

Pryor, in a deal with Lilly Pulitzer chain of boutiques, set up a 'shop and share' arrangement for friends and family to buy within a certain time period, after which she would receive 10 per cent of those sales.

The plan was successful and she was able to buy 120 sheet sets via the Phillip & Christine Gore Foundation, who handled the logistics.

"That allowed Pryor to stretch her funds and buy more sheets," said Gore at the recent presentation of the sheet sets to Nadia Adams Richards, acting CEO for KPH and Victoria Jubilee hospitals, and Charmine O'Reilly, in-service education officer at both institutions.