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Pan Jam COO Teaches Math

Published:Thursday | May 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Paul Hanworth, chief operating officer at Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited, explains a math question to Tiffany Lewis, grade-five student of Boys’ Town Infant and Primary School, during his volunteer session at the school on Thursday, April 28.

Grade-five students at Boys' Town Infant and Primary School got personal attention from Paul Hanworth, COO at Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited, last Thursday.

Hanworth and wife Cynthia volunteered individualised tutelage in mathematics for the class.

Mrs Hanworth is a chartered professional accountant with a degree in education, focusing on math; she has volunteered two days weekly for the past year 18 months. Hanworth believes in the value of volunteering.

"I realise that one of the hardest things we will ever struggle with is how to help others. The problem is that we want to help but we don't know how," Hanworth said after the session.