Fri | Nov 16, 2018

JPS Bogue plant to begin using LNG by August

Published:Friday | May 6, 2016 | 5:54 PM
This file photo shows the JPS power station at Bogue, Montego Bay, which was to be converted to use LNG.

The Jamaica Public Service Company ( JPS) says the conversion of the Bogue Power Plant in Montego Bay, St. James has been completed and it will start using natural gas by August.

The project, which began in January, was undertaken at a cost of US$22.7 million (J$2.7 billion).

The company says the plant will significantly add to Jamaica's energy diversity, fuel security, flexible generation and production of clean energy.  

The Bogue plant will produce 120 mega watts of average daily use of over 600 mega watts of electricity.

According to the JPS, the project at Bogue is just the first phase of its deepening fuel diversification process.