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Former mayor demands review of engagement with mega hotel developers

Published:Thursday | May 12, 2016 | 1:03 PM
Workmen at the construction site of the Royalton Hotel in Negril, Hanover following an early morning collapse on Tuesday.

Former Mayor of Lucea Lloyd Hill is demanding that the Hanover Parish Council re-examines how it engages mega-hotel developers, especially in light of the recent collapse of a section of a building at the Royalton hotel site in Negril.

Five men were injured in the incident.

Speaking at the Regular Monthly Meeting of the council a short while ago, Hill asked Mayor Wynter McIntosh to tell the public about the numerous efforts the council had made before the collapse to get Royalton Negril developers to abide by the law.

His call came after Mayor McIntosh reported to the meeting that an investigation of the collapse was underway and that he would not further comment on the matter.

Hill said incidents of this nature could damage Jamaica's reputation and seriously impact the tourism industry as potential guests could become fearful of staying in Jamaican hotels.