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Child Month Wishes | Tips for effective parenting

Published:Sunday | May 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dr Patrece Charles (right) greets volunteer parent mentors at an information fair and town hall meeting put on by the National Parenting Support Commission.

As Jamaica celebrates Child Month 2016 under the theme 'Healthy Children Build a Strong Nation', Jamaicans are being urged to consider the value of effective parenting in the development of a child.

Parenting remains the greatest responsibility an adult will fulfil throughout their life, and this year's theme serves as a valuable reminder to parents that by addressing the needs of their children today they are preparing them to become the healthy and responsible adults for tomorrow.

Psychologist Dr Patrece Charles, who serves as chief executive officer of the National Parenting Support Commission, is encouraging parents and caregivers to support the development of their children through these four elements of effective parenting.

1. Nurturing your child: This relates to the provision of food, clothing, shelter and emotional security. Charles adds that nurturance involves "instilling spiritual, moral and social principles in a child. It also includes an expression of love and encouragement, which creates an environment of belonging. Proper nurturance also aids in the development of the child's ability to accept themselves while respecting the unique traits of others."

2. Developing a structure around your child: According to Charles, it is paramount for parents to create the necessary structures that consist of age-appropriate rules and guidelines for their child. It is also important to ensure that your child understands the consequences associated with breaking them. Charles said this element helps to create an environment that encourages self-accountability and self-management among children.

3. Recognising your child's unique qualities: This allows children to develop the necessary self-awareness as they learn to accept their strengths and respect their weaknesses. Parents are also reminded to recognise the small achievements and efforts made by their child.

4. Empowering your children: This requires parents to boost the self-confidence and encourage pride within their child. Charles recommends that parents become involved in "guiding the creative nature of their children while providing them with increased opportunities for exposure to a wide range of experiences outside the home".

The National Parenting Support Commission is urging parents that for Child Month 2016, they take the time to educate their children about making healthy lifestyle choices.

"By playing your part, you are preserving the health of your child while making a valuable investment towards building a stronger nation."

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