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Municipal officers gazetted as Special DCs

Published:Saturday | May 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Eleven municipal officers from the Clarendon Parish Council have been gazetted as Special District Constables with powers to arrest while carrying out their duties. The move by the council to take such a step stems from what it describes as a lack of support from the members of the JCF in the parish to assist with enforcing the anti-vending regulations in the capital which is currently overrun by vendors.

Commercial services manager Georgina Venson, who spearheaded the initiative reported to the council at its monthly meeting that the officers have been duly trained and have been thoroughly briefed on their roles and responsibilities as well as the limitations that comes with the post.

Councillor for the May Pen East Division Kenneth Davis, while commending the move, lamented the willingness of the police to assist municipal officers, but is afraid because of oversight body INDECOM.

Inspector Daniel Campbell is currently before the courts with INDECOM over an altercation between him and vendors in the town off May Pen.