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Steve Lyston | A revolution is coming

Published:Saturday | May 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM

There are two commodities that are precious to us and difficult to do without - salt and light. It is imperative that we get a revelation of the meaning of each.

There is a war going on right now in the marketplace to get rid of all Christian values and principles. Even Christian bosses at certain managerial levels have begun to compromise in order to keep their jobs, but they are the ones who should stand up and teach the organisation the value of salt and light.

Salt is involved with cures, flavour and preservation. Salt also speaks of wisdom and was used for making and sealing covenants.

Light deals with revelation, truth, direction and illumination. Without these two components, how can we achieve prosperity or economic growth?

When we try to remove Christians, Christian principles, and even Christian views from the marketplace, we are basically bringing demise on our organisations. For a long time, the marketplace has been influenced by liberal views. Many say "we are a secular society or organisation; we don't need any religious matters here".

Let it be understood that Christianity is not a religion. It is an experience! The very term religion denotes a system that binds or keeps mankind in a state of oppression.

Furthermore, if we are going to talk about a separation between Church and state, then we are saying there should be no Christians in business or in the marketplace. There should be no Christians buying your products, marketing or promoting your products; and no business people or politician should be going into the churches to network or promote anything of theirs either.

Even within the media, Christian journalists compromise on their Christian values and ethics.

Some did not like the fact that Scriptures were in the movie War Room. Why is it that when non-believers state their sayings and quotes, we who are Christian are expected to listen to them?

When God is going to bless an organisation, it is the people who God blesses. Their blessings extend to the organisation. This means that if one righteous person is in an organisation, even if the organisation is engaging in what is not pleasing to the Lord, He will extend mercy to that organisation.

Do you realise that some organisations fall when a righteous man leaves? Many organisations are trying to purge both Christians and Christian principles and even treat Christians very badly. However, such organisations need to be careful because the example is shown in the Scriptures where Laban could not prosper until Jacob's presence was in his 'organisation and life'. Note the word 'presence'. All an organisation needs to do is simply have the presence of an office staff or janitor who serves the Lord. It is not just about the bigwigs.

A major revolution is coming to the marketplace. Many Christians will rise into entrepreneurship; other Christians will have successful inventions. Many will take over failing businesses, and those businesses will turn around. Many are already getting dreams and visions about areas they need to get into. Many long-standing organisations that have diverted from conservative views will be going under. Many of them will try to persuade different governments globally to put regulations in place, but this shift will only get bigger.

The secular cannot effectively operate without the government of God.

To all the Christians who are in secular jobs, GET UP! Advise them in the right way.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.