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Church should lead economic revival

Published:Saturday | May 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMSteve Lyston

With all that is happening globally, and especially with the reports out of Venezuela that the people are now eating dogs and cats for survival due to extreme hunger and lack in that nation, without a doubt there is a global disaster coming. It is going to affect the Caribbean, and that includes Jamaica.

It is the Church that should lead the economic revival, and it is imperative that we begin to teach people the Biblical/Kingdom principles for survival. We have the skill, the talent and the anointing to transform the nation and we need to stop looking to the politicians or the private sector to lead that charge. Many of them don't have a clue of regarding the timing and strategies that are necessary for what we face now. We need to focus on food and look at cost-cutting if we are to be viable in the international marketplace. Likewise, we need to teach the Secular that Kingdom Principles - God's Principles, are the only way toward true success.

The Church needs to unite quickly and move because, when people are hungry, they don't think about denomination or doctrinal beliefs. We must stop competing with and begin to complement each other. Food will be the order of the day.

If every building that is owned by a church was being fitted with solar panels, then millions would be saved and could be channelled and utilised to create employment, to help the poor, reduce poverty and increase economic development and sustainability.

Every Church needs to install wells or erect tanks for water storage.

When the Church is truly functioning and walking in economic empowerment, only then will others respect the Church. Neither politicians nor the private sector truly respect the Church. Having a few rich people in your congregation or even in your denomination does not gain you the respect of others. The time has come for the Church to actively engage in things like farming. We need to cultivate vegetables and begin to understand and also utilise the bushes/herbs to bring healing and rescue the Health Sector! (Ezekiel 47; Revelation 22) We need to recognise that pharmaceutical companies are not in the interest of the people.

The Church needs to buy land and hold on to those lands. That is the only way there will be wealth transfer for the next generation.




The only way the Church can be free is to be debt-free. It is the responsibility of the Church to teach the community about making good financial choices and how to be debt free. For example, teaching the people to stay away from credit cards; scrutinise every bill they get so as not to be overcharged.

Furthermore, teach them not to use the debit cards to pay bills when they will be charged a fee; but instead to pull out the total and then pay the bills by cash.

Cut down on purchases of phone credit and on using minutes (depending on the phone service you employ) - talk less and seek God more. The phone companies are making huge profits through the sale of phone credit for calling overseas and on minutes to make local and long distance calls and most of them are not giving back.

Only purchase what is necessary. Look for quality, not brand name. Stay away from loan sharks.

Avoid taking out a second mortgage unless you are starting a viable, inspired, God-given business.

Sow your way out of debt and when God gives you a debt write-off, extend it to others! If major companies want debt write-offs, then they will need to write-off the debts of the smaller companies or individuals who owe them

The Church needs to understand that it holds the power to empower the people. Politicians will not bring change, and there is going to be global disappointment regarding politicians globally.

Only through the Church will the change come. The Church has to restore families and we need to teach them how to survive and to deal with what is ahead. There are some serious economic civil issues and famine ahead in some countries because of the principles and practices that have been carried out over the years. In order for the Church to have a voice they have to stay clear of political handouts. The blessing that is coming to the body of Christ is not about Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes or anything of that nature. It is about diverse vision, inventions and ideas for the body of Christ.