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Remove not the ancient landmark...Get children back in church, pastor urges

Published:Saturday | May 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Pastor Maurice Bramwell of the Bethesda Divine Apostolic Ministries in Retreat, St Mary.


Pastor Maurice Bramwell of the Bethesda Divine Apostolic Ministries in Retreat, St Mary, believes there is a way to halt the slide in values and attitudes affecting Jamaica today.

"According to Proverbs 22:28, the word of the Lord says, 'remove not the ancient landmark which our fathers have set'," Pastor Bramwell affirmed, as he spoke with Family and Religion in Ocho Rios on Wednesday.

"We realise in society, we have a great breakdown where the family and the Church is concerned because we have removed from the ancient landmark, we realise nowadays that our children, most of them at times are not in church.

"Years gone by children used to be either at Sabbath school or Sunday school or even both. In the church, we have realised that our children have lost the fear of God and losing the fear of God they grow up with a heart that is very cruel. We see where they have no love for each other, they don't care, the quickest thing they are ready to draw knife; realise what is happening at the schools, they would rather to video a fight than to part the fight and it ends up with a child being dead or being injured, seriously.




Bramwell says the onus is on parents to lead by example.

"The parents need to do their part get back the children in church," he urges. "Get them back in Sunday school, get them back in Sabbath school, I believe this will do a lot."

"If the parents had laid down these principles and had not removed from the ancient landmark, I really believe our society would be better because first of all the parents need to set that example, it is said that children live what they learn and if they see the parents living that life as Christian (they will.)"

He argued that within Christianity, there are wonderful values and good attitudes and, it is always said, a person's attitude will determine their altitude.

The Ministry of Education has a role to play, the pastor added. According to him, emphasis needs to be placed on devotion in school. He suggested that Jamaica should not be like America, "which has taken the Bible and devotion out of school."

He believe the teachers are doing what they can do and suggested that there isn't much more they can do.

As for the Church, he believes the Church is putting out the effort, but believers need to practice what is taught by the Church because, "there is nothing more we can do if people won't accept what they have heard and put it in practice."

Bramwell admitted that it will not be easy getting back to the good standards that existed decades ago in Jamaica, but said it was possible.

"It is not easy, but in anything that is good, it's going to take effort, it's going to take effort, some hands-on effort, we can't just leave it to chance."

He argued further that as a society, as a family, and as a church, we need to get back to the ancient landmark where we can have a great society, wonderful environment, a place where we can live and grow our children and be happy

"The future depends on the Church and the family to do much better for our children. Parents and children and family need to get back to the place where we really pray together and live what the Bible says."