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Surefire Champion God delivers at Pondside Youth Day

Published:Saturday | May 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church in Pondside, Yallahs, recently celebrated its fifth annual Youth Day under the theme The Sure-Fire, Champion God'.

The all-day service saw its sister church from Stony Hill joining the St Thomas locals in joyful songs, and youthful praise.

The small church house was overcrowded, but saints and other visitors had no problem taking seats outside the temple's doors or standing by the windows peering in.

The morning service got started with the church's praise and worship team starting up a 'spiritual fire' as people made their way inside.

Drawing the congregation's attention to the story of David and Goliath, the speaker of the day, house pastor Bishop Errol Thompson, spoke of God's faithfulness, certainty, and ability.

He spoke of Goliath's surprise and disdain upon noticing the size of his supposed competitor and of the determination and valour of David, who knew that he had the help of the Sure-Fire Champion God.

"David's first stone connected to the forehead of the giant! He didn't have to try two or three times! So you see that God is a sure-fire God!" he declared.




In an attempt to explain what the theme means, the youth president of Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic, Volis Williams, told Family & Religion that it is in reference to God's invincibility.

"I was at home one day thinking about a possible theme for our youth day when 'Undefeated Champion God' came to my mind. However, though I liked it, I thought that the word 'undefeated' was too common and that I needed something more superb, thus 'Sure-fire'.

The theme 'Sure-fire Champion God' means that our God is on time. There's no doubt about Him. Whatever He promises, whatever He says must come to pass it must be accomplished. He is sure to win, sure to succeed," she said.

Williams revealed that prior to the big day both churches (Stony Hill branch and the one in Yallahs) went on three days of fasting.

This, she says, was done to 'kill the flesh and prepare their bodies to experience the move of God'.

According to her: "God is a holy God. He cannot behold or dwell in sin, so in order for that to work, we have to emit holiness all over. We have to kill flesh."

Williams concluded that the fasting helped everyone to be in one accord, which invited the anointing to dwell in the temple all day making it their best youth day yet.