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Chief traffic cop issues warning to drivers of defective vehicles

Published:Tuesday | May 31, 2016 | 1:39 PM
The Golden Dragon minibus which crashed along the Llandovery main road in St Ann, resulting in the deaths of five people.

Motorists with defective vehicles are being warned to remove them from the nation’s roads and carry out the necessary repairs or face prosecution.

Head of the Highway and Traffic Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, says the police will be vigilant in getting these vehicles off the roads.

SSP Allen says the police and the Transport Authority, under Operation Zero Tolerance, will step up their crackdown on breaches of the law, including defective vehicles.

He emphasises that motorists must ensure their vehicles are always mechanically sound, stressing that this is critical for safety.


Head of the Highway and Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen

Meanwhile, SSP Allen says Operation Zero Tolerance continues to see successes.

He says between May 7, when the operation began, and May 25 more than 18,500 traffic tickets were issued, over 129 offensive weapons seized and 450 plates removed from vehicles.

He further says over the period several quantities of ganja were seized and a number of persons were arrested for several offences.