Thu | Jul 19, 2018

All JPS breaches now attract automatic compensation to customers

Published:Wednesday | June 1, 2016 | 12:57 PM
Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) President and CEO, Kelly Tomblin. JPS customers will now be automatically compensated if the company issues them with more than two consecutive estimated bills.

Effective today Jamaica Public Service (JPS) customers will be automatically compensated for all breaches of the Guaranteed Standards by the company.

This means that customers won’t have to submit a claim for breaches to get compensation.  

The latest development is the final step in a process by the Office of Utilities Regulations to have breaches of Guaranteed Standards automatically remedied.

Guaranteed Standards are specific performance measures that guide the provision of utility services.

Failure by the JPS to respond to emergency calls within five hours; to acknowledge written queries within five working days; or to complete investigations and respond to a customer within 30 working days will now attract automatic compensation.

Customers will also be automatically compensated if the JPS issues them with more than two consecutive estimated bills.

Residential customers are entitled to compensation equal to the reconnection fee, while commercial customers will get four times the customer charge for any breach of guaranteed standards.   

The amount of compensation will be increased if the JPS is late in making the payment.

In late 2015, the JPS acknowledged that although it committed breaches valued at over $132 million, it paid out only $36 million because customers were not claiming.