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Diary of the Ghetto Priest | God grant us a brotherhood (Part 1 of 4)

Published:Thursday | June 2, 2016 | 12:03 AM

In fiscal year 2015, military spending is projected to account for 54 per cent of all federal discretionary spending, a total of $598.5 billion.

The discretionary spending for 2015 is $ 1.11 trillion.

By far the greatest spending in the United States is weaponry and military activity. Over 50 per cent of its economy is built on weapons of death.

And now it has come to be that the United States sells atomic warfare to Syria and Vietnam in the name of democracy and the free market.

And there are guns and bullets sold all over the United States.

Greed, greed, greed. Money and death go together in a strange partnership. It's done in the name of self-generating terror and fear.

The violent media exported by the US is seen by little kids on the Internet, on their TV screens, on their cell phones.

Then there is a sense of horror when we hear of kids killing kids, or killing adults. The media creates images that become a reality which horrifies us.

What hypocrisy! Then when we land in the United States we see these billion-dollar airports, highways, buildings.

Then there are the flyover bridges and roads, and thousands of brand-new cars sailing along 'S' lane highways without a murmur or sound.

Back to Jamaica again. What do we see in our island? A nation of people struggling under the slave hood of international debt, longing for a passport and visas to the advanced nations, most of us poor and under-educated.

Not being able to solve the problem of poverty, the rich countries (particularly the leaders) are now trying to destroy the weaker, the poor, and defenceless, by way of enforcing abortion, euthanasia and greater poverty by unreasonable loans interest. Poverty has become something hated rather than eliciting sympathy, kindness, and mercy.

Jamaica! Can't we see that we should not desire what we cannot have? Can't we see that the simplicity of living a life of sharing, of loving one another, and using the land God has given us, the natural talents, and the powerful soul we have assimilated with the brave within us is enough?




The rich against the poor, the educated against the uneducated, and the powerful against the weak - all this builds up hatred, self-hatred, and hatred for others.

It is now the time for brotherhood, not the time for the false globalisation and one-world alliances which is the union between the rich countries, and rich companies and the wealthiest individuals.

The powerful must help the broken hearted, we must have a young people who wash the feet of the elderly, and there must be love and brotherhood with the rejected and forgotten.

This is now the time of mercy, for those nations and people who are strong and influential. But I believe there is also a desire for power.

As we celebrate the genuine desire of oneness of all people in the world, we remember that Christ has been called 'The first' among brothers. Christ himself comes down to earth, sent by his Father to be a brother of us all. Isn't that marvellous? Jesus is our brother; his flesh is our flesh, his tears our tears, and all that he is belong to us including his body and blood.

"You are all brothers," says St Matthew; brothers and sisters to each another, called by the Heavenly Father to be one, one family not many different families, but one.

This is the great call of our times, to be among the first born of many brothers - and that all be drawn into a brotherhood, which can only can be done by Christ himself, the one the true son of God - without whom there will be great division in the world.

We recall in Genesis the case of Cain and Abel, Cain slew Abel, the most tragic of all things that could happen between two of our earliest ancestors, sons of Adam and Eve.

Now Abel's blood echoes down the staircase of our time.

Cain Slew Abel and when asked by the Lord, "Where is Abel?", "Am I my Brother's keeper?" is the reply.

That question is a question each person must ask of himself today.

"Am I my brother's keeper?"

Every individual, every nation must ask this question in our greatly divided world.

At the Eucharistic table, at the Eucharistic conventions, at international conventions, at clergy and religious meetings, at Vatican, at every international church meeting we are called to be one body and one blood in Jesus Christ. And the Lord reminds us we are all brothers and sisters to one another. We are one people under God the Father, we eat and drink of the same flesh, and we are united as one in the Holy Spirit.

A terrible shadow has fallen over the world.




Today we live in a world that is fragmented and divided, the more idiosyncratic a person is, the more admirable he or she is, the more powerful and self-centred a person is the more loved and elevated the person becomes.

God hears the cry of confusion in our world today. There are the countries rich and poor that are divided, there are those who bombs and guns to terrify people. There is wickedness, and there is selfishness and separation. There are closed doors and high walls.

Yet everywhere, there are sparks of new life, a new generations of young people and Christians seeking a radical Brotherhood; new life, unity and community, oneness and fellowship. And it will be, already it is happening.

That's why MOP is a Brotherhood! That's why you and the brothers and myself are on this mission- to bring together the most discarded and forgotten of people into a community.It can be done if we serve one another and serve our country rather than to seek power, position and the pride of life for ourselves.