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A young man's passion for farming - Keniel Field ploughs the field in St Thomas

Published:Thursday | June 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Keniel Field shows his tropicana cabbage.
Keniel Field shows Karl Samuda, minister of industry, commerce and agriculture his tropicana cabbage.


In the small community of Rolandsfield, St Thomas, lives a 23-year-old who believes that farming is everything.

Keniel Field told Rural Xpress that he was exposed to farming from as early as primary school as his grandparents, with whom he lived at the time, were both farmers.

"I used to plant things like banana and plum and whatever I made, I would save. When I turned 15 (years old), I got more serious. I planted some cucumber and I bought a bull with what I made. I raised him for two years and seven months then I sold him for $73,0000 and used that to buy five more young bulls. I also bought and planted some corn, pumpkin and cucumber on a piece of land I got from my uncle-in-law," Field said.

He further revealed that he sold the bulls to butchers and the produce to market vendors and exported the rest.

Field, who attended Happy Grove High School in Portland,, told Rural Xpress that while a student, his ambitions were always to become an architect and a soldier. In fact, he had it all planned out.

"I was going to be a soldier first, then use the job to make enough money to pursue architecture while in the army; then; when I became certified, I'd work as an architect for them. But even while I had all that planned, farming was always a part of my intention. Even if I got through with the army, I'd have to have someone tend to my farm for me," he shared.

The young farmer revealed that he had tried out for the army, but was unsuccessful, and has not looked back since.

"At this point, I don't see myself working for another man or woman. Mi a do my own ting. As I got older, and by farming the right way, I realised that farming is the best thing! So , it has helped me to buy my house spot (land to build house on) and a bike. Everything I own I got as a result of farming. It is what helps me to provide for my one-year-old son," he said, adding that he still has architecture in the back of his head, but he will never give up on farming.

Field is the youngest member of the Plantain Garden River Agro Park, a fishing village located in Winchester, St Thomas.

Visiting the farms to assess damage caused by heavy rains last week, Minister of Agriculture Karl Samuda commended the young farmer on his cultivation practices, describing him as a businessman who should be an example to other youths.

Field has won the award for Best Young Farmer in the Bath division for four consecutive years.