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Christians weigh in ... Church condemns cries for help and confessions

Published:Saturday | June 4, 2016 | 12:05 AM

"Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ."- Galatians 6:2 (KJV)

The church is often referred to as a hospital for sinners and not a museum of saints, but some Christians are repeatedly criticised for their display of self-righteousness and refusal to actually cry out for help when they need it.

Though this is partly due to pride, it cannot be ignored that the Church has somewhat managed to condemn help cries and confession.

Speaking to a congregation in Yallahs, Minister Demoy Nash spoke of how important the Church is to God. He said that the institution is God's master design to which He adds daily (Acts 2 vs 47).

Nash, however, believes that men have come up with systems of controlling the Church and 'reading out' members, thus resulting in a level of discomfort among saints who have 'fallen from grace' and are in need of a revival.

"Nobody can't de-member you from church! The Church belongs to God, who says, 'Any man come, I will give you rest'. God isn't unreasonable. When you judge someone who has sinned, then you kill love and confession," he pointed out, adding examples such as if a saint were a paedophile in his past lifestyle then the church prohibits that person from being Sunday school teacher or preventing a past thief from being in charge of the church's finances.



According to him, this is a sign of unforgiveness and it lends second thoughts to those who want to confess.

Various Christians were asked to share their views on whether they believed that the Church condemned or prevented confession.

"Yes, I do think the Church condemns, especially persons with position, because they

think we are 'super humans' or 'mini-Jesus' and forget that we are also flesh and sin is in us. But I think it stems from the lack of love in church, so it doesn't really foster that 'prodigal son' relationship among members," shared Jody-Ann Ingram of the Christ Chapel United Pentecostal Church in Morant Bay.



Kristal Wilson also said:

"The Church preaches that we should confess our sins. They say that 'when we confess one to another, this and that will happen' and 'that is what God loves' and 'we are going to treat you with love' and 'we won't condemn you". But we are first human then second Christian. Our human thinking will be to judge people based on their confession even though they said that they would not. I think it has a humanistic thing to it. I must admit that there are literally a few people in the church who would support people for their confession, but the majority are judgemental hypocrites who are hard to deal with, and that's the sad reality, so I believe that the Church condemns and prevents confession. If I do something that is sinful and I know the consequences that I must bear or if I know that the church will condemn, judge, and speak ill of me, then I won't confess, hence preventing confession."

But another sister believes otherwise.

"I think the Church facilitates confession, but the persons in particular situations allow their guilt to persuade them that they will be judged. Every church has spiritually mature people who we can trust and get the right help from," said Devmarie Blake-Brown.