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Jamaica to seek out business opportunities at Rio Olympics

Published:Tuesday | June 7, 2016 | 3:48 PM

Jamaica will be pursuing potential business opportunities at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 5-21.

The country’s Ambassador to Brazil, Her Excellency Alison Stone Roofe, says the Jamaican Embassy is collaborating with agencies, such as Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), on several activities that will also target the Paralympics which the South American nation will also host in September.

Stone Roofe says among the engagements are a ‘Jamaica House’ hospitality centre that caters to sports fans and other visitors, which will be established close by the Olympic Stadium, and a tour by several local entertainers.

Additionally, she says JAMPRO will conduct trade and investment activities.

Ambassador Roofe says the Embassy, which was established in 2012, has successfully undertaken work in several areas.

These include organising two major festivals in tribute to Jamaica, and establishing a Jamaica/Brazil Chamber of Commerce (JBCC) in Sao Paulo.

Ambassador Roofe advises that the JBCC has engaged in strengthening business, commerce and tourism relations between the nations.

This, she outlines, included organising familiarisation tours to Jamaica for several travel agents, which, she notes, “went very well.”

Ambassador Roofe says the Chamber is being revamped, adding that “we look forward to appointing a new President and rolling out a new vision over the next few months.”

Meanwhile, Jamaicans planning to visit Brazil are reminded to ensure they meet the entry requirements under the countries’ visa waiver agreement that was signed in 2015.

The stipulations, which apply for visits under 30 days, include: a valid passport; round-trip airline ticket; reservations or proof of alternative accommodation; proof of home address; and confirmation of yellow fever vaccination.

Ambassador Roofe says persons attending the Olympics are also required to present tickets confirming this.

“In anticipation of the thousands of visitors (who will attend the Games), Brazil will (institute) high security alert regime. The onus, therefore, is on all visitors to prove that they will be entering Brazil for the purpose they claim and (do not remain beyond) the period of stay granted by immigration officials,” she states.

Ambassador Roofe encourages persons to familiarise themselves with Brazil’s immigrations and other logistical guidelines which are posted on the Embassy’s website at They can also send an email:, if clarifications are needed.

The Ambassador also advises persons to follow the World Health Organization (WHO)/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) guidelines for Brazil regarding the Zika virus.

“That includes using insect repellants, wearing light-coloured clothing, covering the body as much as possible, staying away from densely populated areas and avoiding intimate contact,” she outlines.

Additionally, the Ambassador says information directing visitors to the nearest medical centres will be provided, while assuring that Brazilian healthcare professionals are fully equipped to deal with any issue that might occur.

She gives the Embassy’s undertaking to assist persons encountering challenges while visiting.

In noting that Brazil has “endless cultural possibilities,” particularly in food, beverage, music, and tourism, the Ambassador indicates that “I look forward to new interests (that will be generated) in (that) market.