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Royalton construction workers protest firing of union-seeking colleagues

Published:Tuesday | June 7, 2016 | 12:12 PM
In this file photo a collapsed section of the Royalton Hotel under construction in Hanover is shown.

The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) says construction workers at the Royalton Hotel site in Negril, Hanover, are upset over the firing of some workers who they say were leading the process to seek union representation for the aggrieved workers.

Yesterday several workers were locked out of the Royalton premises by other protesting workers.

Today, workers reported for work, but staged a sit in.

According to reports, the workers are demanding a wage increase. 

However, Vice-President of the BITU Alden Brown says the workers are also protesting the firing of some 40 construction workers who were said to be encouraging others to become members of the BITU and National Workers Union (NWU). 


BITU Vice-President, Alden Brown

Brown says the management's firing of the workers amounts to union busting, which is a tactic used to prevent workers from joining trade unions.

However, despite this, Brown says the BITU has grounds to represent some five hundred construction workers at Royalton who have indicated that they would like to become members of the trade union.


BITU Vice-President, Alden Brown

Last month, construction workers blocked the entrance to the Royalton construction site demanding payment of salaries, which they say were due before a major accident at the site which injured five workers.