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First Global Bank gives rural school a facelift

Published:Wednesday | June 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
First Global Bank Mandeville branch staff with parents and teachers of Villa Road Primary and Junior High School, after painting the school on Labour Day.


The staff of First Global Bank (FGB), Mandeville branch recently gave a well-needed facelift to the Villa Road Primary and Junior High School on Labour Day, amid heavy downpour of morning rain.

This emphasised First Global's commitment to a partnership it forged with the school dating back several years.

Branch manager Kerrene Grant and 20 members of staff worked alongside principal Franklyn Scott and several members of the school community to paint the exterior of the building. This followed a request from the school weeks earlier.

"The staff at First Global Bank are very committed to the Mandeville community. Over the years, we have always partnered with schools such as McIntosh Memorial Primary, Mandeville All-Age and Villa Road Primary and Junior High, as we work towards the students' development and to enhance the school environment," said Grant.

The partnership of First Global Bank, teachers, members of the Parenting Support Club, as well as students, accomplished a full day's work as they competed with the rains on the day.

In the end, their efforts were enough to provide motivation to all stakeholders and

students who, on their return from a brief holiday, were quite happy to see their school walls freshly painted.

Scott, cognisant of the support by the bank, expressed gratitude to all participants while a beaming Colleth Thomas, vice principal, noted how worthy and wonderful it felt to contribute to the aim for excellence.