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Pennants to get new bridge

Published:Thursday | June 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sherman, an employee of China Harbour Engineering Company points to the Kupius Bridge layout plan.

PENNANTS, Clarendon:

The residents of Pennants are to benefit from a new bridge being built by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC). While its main aim is to complete the project within the specified time and budget, CHEC has also been a major contributor to other community projects in Pennants and surrounding areas.

Chief engineer for the project Yanqiang Gao has said he is big on community development and is willing to do what he can to further develop the communities.

"We have trucked top soil to the Pennants and Crooked River football fields for free because we know that playing sports helps to bring a community together, and if they have a proper surface to play on, then more people will come together to use it," he said.

Gao also told Rural Xpress that he used his equipment to clear a landslide along a section of the roadway in the Danks community without being asked, adding that he saw the problem and took it upon himself to solve it.

CHEC commenced the project in January and is slated to be carried out over a period of 15 months. However, Gao said the plan is to complete it before the deadline. Presently, the project is approximately 30 per cent complete.

Gao boasted that all the raw material being used in the project is local.

"We have sub-contracts with other local companies like TankWeld and Premix among others. We employ 22 Jamaicans who work alongside 13 Chinese workers which I think is a good thing," said Gao.

He said in addition to employment, China Harbour has brought skills training and experience as several workers have learnt welding and steel work on the job, which will benefit them even after the project is finished.