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Terrelonge's faux pas

Published:Friday | June 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell

When an enthusiastic Alando Terrelonge, member of Parliament (MP) for St Catherine East Central, volunteered to read the prayers in Gordon House on Wednesday, little did he know that his own actions immediately after invoking the presence of the Lord would earn him a sharp rebuke from controversial St Catherine South West MP Everald Warmington.

With near perfect enunciation, Terrelonge had completed his task and like a man on a mission was rushing past Marshall to the Houses of Parliament Kevin Williams as he made his way towards his seat.

However, Williams was still in the process of concluding his ceremonial activities as he placed the Mace in its designated place. "Terrelonge! Go back over there," a stern Warmington instructed the first-time MP who returned speedily to his original position.




Laughter was first stifled as Speaker of the House of Representatives Pearnel Charles went through the ritual of bowing to members on both sides of the aisle. Immediately after the Speaker gave permission for members to take their seat, the subdued giggles gave way to a collective uproar of laughter from lawmakers and persons in the visitors' gallery.

Warmington also seized the opportunity to alert the Speaker that he would be calling out members who continued to breach the dress code agreed by the House in the last parliamentary term.

The making and receiving of telephone calls during the sitting of the House was also highlighted by the St Catherine South West MP as breaches of the Standing Orders - the rules of Parliament.

Charles urged members to comply with the rules and to desist from making or receiving calls while the business of the country was being conducted in Parliament.

However, he told members that they could send text messages, an instruction that Warmington challenged, saying that it was also in breach of the rules.