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Steve Lyston | The world needs a mind change

Published:Saturday | June 11, 2016 | 12:04 AMSteve Lyston

When over 700 migrants - human beings - have perished at sea and the world is silent; when hundreds of thousands of Christians - people - have been butchered and slaughtered and the world is silent; when children worldwide are being raped, abused and are starving - left to die, and the world is silent; when a nation of people, because of famine, are subject to eating cats and dogs and the world lies silent; and then issues about human sexuality gets world focus over those issues, and the shooting of 1 ape, though a living creature - but one without a soul - is killed and there is a public outcry; something is wrong with that and the world needs a mind change!

Even Christians get caught up in the world's way of thinking. Some get caught up on political bandwagon!. Even the pending U.S. elections with front runners Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, many are talking about a greater evil versus a lesser evil. Many are saying that if Donald Trump wins it is the end of the world. But God can allow anyone to win. Many believe that one or the other is better or the lesser evil, but there are quite a few from the past who many thought would be better but they ultimately deceived the masses. Maybe the nations need some Pharaoh's because despite all, the Church always prospers under Pharaoh!

God does not want the faith of His people to be in the wisdom of men. It must instead be in the power of God.


Spiritual response


There are too many people with logical mindsets utilising their oratorical skills, psychology and philosophies and even their positions of authority and their rule and works have come to nought. Some of them are trying to access the knowledge and wisdom of God by bypassing the proper channel - Jesus Christ. Their languages are now confused as it was at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). We can only access the things of God by a Revelation through the Holy Spirit or by the appropriate spiritual response by a man.

I recently read the articles about the crabs that have come up on Jamaican and Californian shores - which many found very alarming. Many said that this is a sign of disaster ahead. Yet one scientist from Jamaica stated that what these people were saying was utter nonsense. Such arrogance is what is messing up the world and the mindsets of others. God speaks to us in many ways and it is a proven fact that animals and insects, through their instincts, can pick up on things that are happening in nature and in the atmosphere that man cannot readily see/identify. Some animals use eco-location like the bats which we have been eradicating and now the mosquito population (and diseases they carry) has increased significantly.

Some have electro-magnetism - like the butterfly. Some have pheromones - like the ants who are better economists than many of those in power today. Some have magneto-reception - like the dogs and some birds who have a 'built-in GPS' and can detect magnetic fields. Meanwhile, for those who depend on man-made GPS, if there is the slightest glitch, then you will be led by it to the bushes, the sea or some remote destination they had no intention of reaching!

This is why man must always be spiritually connect to God, that we can discern the fourteen (14) opposite seasons, thus knowing how to plan and prepare for disaster.


Political leaders


There are too many people calling themselves specialists in whom political leaders are putting their trust, who are causing billions to go to waste and thus bringing nothing to the table. Meanwhile, many have a problem giving the poor a tax break; saying they can't afford it, when the tax break would barely be a drop in the bucket and would not even be missed.

For every natural problem there is a spiritual root. Until we get that understanding, we will always be changing leaders and looking for change and end up disappointed.

Change, and more so a mindset change, can only come through God. Sometimes it comes through painful experiences and I believe that the time is coming that many who are deemed the 'well-learned' will be humbled, because God is about to use some simple things and people to bring global change. Christians cannot afford to fall in that position. Many Christians have fallen into carnality and are living much like the un-regenerated person. They call themselves Christians but live more by and for human opinion. They are still drinking milk when they should be having solid food.

If Christians don't rise up and get to the next level, then there are some serious crises ahead! Every Christian needs to examine him/herself and see what impact he/she is really making! We should be the head but now we are positioned for the tail.