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Manchesterians feel unprepared for Zik V

Published:Monday | June 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Residents in Manchester are expressing their disappointment in the preparation process of the fight against a possible Zika virus epidemic.

Several individuals across the parish told The Gleaner that even though the fight against chik-V wasn't properly handled, more was done, in their estimation, to stem the outbreak. They feel the occasional fogging is not enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

"The last time a fogging was done was in February ... apart from that, nothing has been happening. I remember a young lady visited the community seeking info when there was the chik-V outbreak, but since the so-called fight against ZIKV, I haven't heard or seen anyone," said a resident, who gave her name as Ms Wright from Georges Valley in central Manchester. She added that though it should be a collaborative effort between the residents and the relevant entities, not enough is being done by these entities.

"Whatever it is that is causing this outbreak, something needs to happen, the people in authority need to get it right. Right now, if this virus spreads in this country, the hospitals wouldn't be able to manage, so I really don't know how the people would manage. We do what we need to do to prevent the mosquitoes breeding, but we can do so much and no more."


Echoing her sentiments is a resident from the Kendal community, Ms Barnett, who said the major cleaning to prevent the increase of these breeding sites is not being done.

"There needs to be a proper collection of garbage, proper bushing of the roadway, and drainage cleaning. It is time that something happens because as it stands now, nothing is happening. The last time they had a fogging was in May and sometimes after the fogging, that's when the mosquitoes come out," she said.

Residents in south Manchester are also calling for increased fogging, better collection of garbage, and a strengthened presence of members from the health department, if possible. They acknowledge the need for every resident to take the necessary precautions in fighting this virus, but they are calling on the authorities to be more proactive.