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Designing a better life

Published:Saturday | June 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Lewis working on one of her pieces.
Alison with her husband Ucal and her daughters Hannah May and Aimee Leigh.

Alison Lewis was sure that after giving birth, she would return to the traditional working environment. Little did she know, life had other plans.

"I proudly took on the ultimate task of being a mother, just over 10 years ago.

"During my pregnancy, I was convinced that I would be quickly handing over all child-minding responsibilities to a qualified individual and return to my responsibilities at my workplace.

"As I gazed at my first daughter, with her huge brown eyes and stroked her black, wavy hair, I instantly fell in love," she said.

"As any mother knows, such a blessing changes your life entirely, and my experience was no different. My little lady melted my heart and altered my whole perspective on life. While my drive and ambition had not changed, my outlook on life had. I was blessed with this huge responsibility of nurturing someone else.

Motherhood from that point onwards has become my full time vocation."

Now a proud mother of two girls -- Aimee Leigh, 10, and Hannah May, 6 -- Lewis has honed her skills and is now the creative designer of 'Seh Mi Precious', her own jewellery line.