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Filicia Williams - Picking up God's signal

Published:Saturday | June 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Filicia Williams


In life, everyone has a story about journeys and paths taken, mistakes made and lessons learned. Ultimately, it is the experience gained from these mistakes that will determine how resilient we are in our pursuit of a better life.

Filicia Williams is one of the finalists in the 2016 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) gospel song competition, and she has shared her story of how God took her from being suicidal to winning souls for the Kingdom.

"Several years ago I suffered a traumatic experience, and I blamed God for it and decided I hated Him. To make matters worse, I had a flashlight phone that worked once in a while and that was very frustrating."

Filicia said that at that time she was living in someone's basement and decided to end it all. "So, the plan was, one night when everyone was asleep, I would sneak out, walk down to the main road and stand in the path of any vehicle coming. But I made a deal with God. I told Him the only way I wouldn't do it is if He caused the phone to get full signal immediately. I thought I was being smart but the power of my God doesn't depend on the absence of walls and before I could even finish the thought, the phone got full signal right there and then. I am here today because of a phone that was smart enough to know when the omnipotent Father speaks to it! Hallelujah!"




Williams grew up attending the Lawrence Tavern Seventh Day Adventist Church and was baptised 19 years ago, but it took her several years to know the Lord personally, owing to severe hardships she faced while a student at the Northern Caribbean University. "I had no choice but to reach for my Bible and reach out to God," she told Family and Religion.

Williams was prompted to enter the JCDC competition not with any set expectations but simply from being prompted by the Holy Spirit three days before the final auditions. "I was browsing Facebook and saw where a friend mentioned her travels around the island with the JCDC. Just like that, the Spirit said, 'enter it', as clear as day. I literally stopped and was like, 'Lord, you know I don't do competitions'. The voice of the Spirit was clear again, 'enter it'. I didn't question it again, I got the forms, filled them out and told my husband the night before the audition that I was going. No one else but my husband knew until I got through the two rounds on that day".

The song titled Can You Reach Me was written four years ago. "I was feeling really far from God. It was one of those times I felt like I had done enough bad and there was just no way He could reach me to save me. I simply poured out my soul to Him and it gave birth to this song. I am happy that He assured me that He could reach me and save me, and He did," she declared.


Word of hope


Williams said she has been singing since she was a child. "Since then, I have done a lot through the provisions of my Father to proclaim His word of hope through songs. I have gotten to a good place, but I'm very excited about my future, because God is about to bring me further than I have ever been or can ever imagine. I know my God is real, because when I go to Him, He gives me peace that I couldn't get from any other source".