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Classrooms saved by CranWATA competition

Published:Monday | June 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM
CranWATA’s brand manager, Jihan Cooke (left), presents the symbolic cheque to guidance counsellor Leslie Asante (centre) and Marymount student Robyn Boyd.
Guidance counselor Leslie Asante shows Jihan Cooke the area that will benefit from the prize

Marymount High School will benefit from the CranWATA School Spirit Competition.

Marymount finished second in the competition and was awarded $500,000 to stop soil erosion which is endangering several structures on the property. Robyn Boyd, a sixth-form student, along with the guidance counsellor, Leslie Asante, led the charge to enter the St Mary-based high school in the competition. Boyd made the presentation to CranWATA's panel of judges and blew them away with her charisma and passion for her school.

"It was really an effort to improve my school," said Boyd. "I've seen Marymount grow and produce such excellence; if I can help in even a small way, then it is worth it." The school has been trying to raise money to tackle its soil erosion issue as the land slippage is getting closer to one of the main school buildings.

"If we allowed the land to erode, eventually it would affect our grade-nine and 10 students who are housed there," explained Lorna Bailey, principal of Marymount. "I was very proud that the team went to WISYNCO and managed to convince the judges of the importance of the project." CranWATA will soon announce the winning school, which will receive $1.5 million.




With just over 900 students, Marymount has seen much improvement in academic performance. In 2014, the school reported that the majority of students were graduating with four to nine CSEC passes. In addition to safeguarding its academic buildings, the school hopes that stemming the soil erosion will also encourage students who are interested in sports.

"When we have our sports day, the students have to be careful not to slip because the soil is quite loose," said Bailey. "It is greatly reducing the length behind our school building and digging into our playing field itself."

In addition to the cheque, CranWATA also awarded Boyd, Bailey and Asante with gift baskets for their leadership.

"The CranWATA School Spirit Competition gives any school the chance to find their 'wow' moment and win," said Jihan Cooke, brand manager for WATA and CranWATA at Wisynco. "Marymount is proof that you don't need to be the biggest or most metropolitan school; in this competition, all you need is the passion to achieve your goal."