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Ewarton High tops CranWATA competition

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
This Ewarton High School student 'WOW'ed judges of the CranWATA School Spirit Competition with her CranWATA costume.
The Ewarton High School's WOW team receive thier $1.5 million cheque. Also seen (front row) Francois Chalifour (left), Jihan Cooke (second left) and Education Minister Ruel Reid (right).
Alton Scott (left), chairman of the board at Ewarton High School, discusses some of the school's challenges with Wisynco's Francois Chalifour (centre) and Jihan Cooke.

First-place winners of the CranWATA School Spirit Competition (CSSC), Ewarton High School, will now be able to invest in the future of their 1,254 students through the construction of a WOWMart.

The CranWATA's team, along with Minister of Education Ruel Reid, visited the school on Friday, June 10, to officially hand over their prize cheque.

The CSSC started in 2013 and is geared towards boosting school spirit by encouraging the school population and the wider community to support the institution's projects. Ewarton High School entered the competition earlier this year with the goal of fostering good grades and healthier lifestyles through a breakfast programme.

"Over the years, we have been trying to have a breakfast programme, but it fell through because of [a lack of] space," said principal Jacqueline Simpson-Huntley. "Students cannot learn when they are hungry. Over 80 per cent of the students are performing below 50." The school currently has 875 students enrolled in the Government's PATH programme, which provides lunches to needy students. With the funds from CranWATA, Ewarton will also be able to provide breakfast to 150 students.

"Wisynco is one of those companies that we hold in high esteem, they are truly a partner in the quest for education and community growth and development," said Alton Scott, board chairman of the school. "We are very happy, as a school, for this moment."




Other winners in the competition were Marymount High School and Westwood High School, second place and judges' pick, respectively. As the grand prize winner, Ewarton will receive $1.5 million towards building the WOWmart and starting the breakfast programme. The WOWMart will sell exclusively Wisynco products. The income from it will be used to fund the breakfast programme. The WOWMart will feature educational notice boards and will provide employment for members of the surrounding community.

"It is wonderful to see that the spirit of unity is a thread that exists throughout this institution," said Jihan Cooke, brand manager for CranWATA. "Ewarton has taken one step towards achieving their goal and that will benefit many students to come. We were wowed when we realised the benefit not only to the students, but to the wider community."

Construction of the WOWmart will begin this summer and the breakfast programme is expected to launch at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.