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St Michael Primary's success stories

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2016 | 11:09 PM

Hard work brings success at St Michael's

Pebbles Watson was determined not to allow her humble beginnings to deter her from achieving greatness.

This resulted in her gaining a 91 per cent average in the recent Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) to acquire a space at the St Andrew High School for Girls.

In an interview with The Gleaner, she said it was the support of her mother and her school family at the St Michael's Primary School in downtown Kingston, that contributed to her success.

"It was really rough for me because throughout the school year my grades fluctuated. Sometimes I would have a 90 per cent average, another time it would drop to 76 per cent, so I had some challenges. I have to thank my teachers though as they were supportive and made sure that I did my best," said the resident of Rae Town in Kingston.


"My plan for high school is just to focus on my work, not so much making friends. I play softball and I found out that St Andrew High School for Girls has a good softball programme so I automatically said that I would choose that school as my first choice," she said.

Similarly, Aaliyah Kelly achieved a 90 per cent average and will be moving on to the Ardenne High School in St Andrew.

"Preparation was hard because I had to study late nights and get up very early in the mornings. My parents and teachers were very helpful. My plan is to do my very best at Ardenne High School, remain focused so that I develop myself as a person and be successful in life," Aaliyah said.

Juliet Campbell-McPherson, principal of the school, said she is proud of her students, noting that overall this is one of her better years.

"In previous years, when we go for the results we just look for that one student who we think would do well. When I went for the results and saw over four students gaining good averages and gaining places at traditional high schools, I couldn't stop screaming," she declared.