Sat | Mar 17, 2018

AMCHAM head elected to regional action board

Published:Thursday | June 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Ron McKay

President of AMCHAM Jamaica and CEO of ADS Global, Ron McKay, has been elected one of four new trustees to the Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA) board of directors.

McKay was elected in Washington, DC, last week.

He joins the list of new trustees, which includes Arthur Adams, chairman of the Association of International Bankers of CuraÁao; Jesse Tyson, president and CEO of the National Black MBA Association; and John L. Woods Jr, head of legal services and dispute resolution at NS&J Advisory Group.

Ambassador Richard Bernal, incoming pro-vice chancellor of the University of the West Indies, and Pat Minicucci, owner of Minicucci Coaching & Consulting, will also be joining the board as advisory trustees.

While in Washington, McKay also used the opportunity to sign a memorandum of understanding with the CCAA on behalf of AMCHAM Jamaica.

In his remarks, he noted: "AMCHAM Jamaica remains committed to promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment through the areas of trade and investments. The MOU with CCAA is a great step for AMCHAM Jamaica as this alliance will further strengthen and leverage our international links and ties to trade and investment in Washington, DC, and the United States, in addition to our long-standing relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce."

Meanwhile, Sally Yearwood, executive director of CCAA, said the signing of the agreement marks an important step in coordinating private-sector engagement between regionally focused organisations: "There are significant issues that are being addressed on a daily basis by the regional private-sector, whether we are looking at the areas of banking, trade facilitation, resilience, or competitiveness, to name just a few. If we all put our strengths on the table, and work together to address the issues, the load gets lighter. This cooperation agreement is a welcome partnership and we look forward to working with AMCHAM Jamaica on issues of mutual importance."

CCAA, a powerful non-profit organi-sation based in Washington, DC, is an advocate in promoting democracy and private sector-led economic development through increased trade and investment flows in the Caribbean and Central America. Throughout the years, CCAA has focused primarily on tourism, financial services, policy and regulatory environments for business in the Americas, energy security, maritime port security, disaster mitigation, customs, telecommunications, intellectual property rights, information technology, agriculture, and telecommunications.