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Effortville Primary's first perfect score in maths

Published:Thursday | June 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Cheyann Stone

Cheyann Stone has ensured her name is etched in the history of Effortville Primary School, having been able to secure a perfect score in the GSAT mathematics exam this year. The 11-year-old scored an overall average of 92.8 per cent, which placed her at Glenmuir High, one of the top traditional high schools in Clarendon. However, she was terribly disappointed with this placement as her heart was set on attending Clarendon College.

"At first, I was really upset, but I changed my mind because I realised I got a good average and I'm proud of my scores," Cheyann said.

She explained that final preparations for the exams didn't present much of a challenge because most of the preparations were done in extra classes. "I didn't study much because I didn't want to pressure my brain or get nervous just before exams."




Suzanne Scarlett teaches maths and language at the Effortville Primary School. She said Cheyann has a lot of potential and is a very hard worker. "She has always done well, except for minor problems with communication task in the beginning, but she improved in time for the GSAT. She has made a lot of improvements when compared to where she is coming from and has never missed summer school, extra classes or Saturday classes since grade five. I am also very proud of her because she has given me my first 100 per cent in GSAT maths, which the school has not got in a very long time."

Barbara Stone, Cheyann's mother, was without words to express her satisfaction in her daughter's achievement. "Mi can't express mi self much, but mi feel good," she shouted as she threw her hands in the air. "Mi hard work pay off, an now the work start. I always made sure she attends extra classes and I encourage her to do revision," said the visibly elated mother.