Sat | Jul 21, 2018

Some UK Jamaicans say migration issue did not influence their vote

Published:Friday | June 24, 2016 | 9:44 AM
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha walk back into 10 Downing Street, London, after speaking to the media. Cameron says he will resign by the time of the party conference in the fall after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Some Jamaicans who voted in yesterday’s referendum say the immigration issue did not influence the way they voted.

Yesterday former high commissioner of Jamaica to the UK, Burchell Whiteman, urged Jamaican immigrants in Britain to vote for that country to remain in the EU.

He and Professor of international law and former Jamaican Ambassador to the United States Stephen Vasciannie said if Britain leaves the EU, for reasons essentially to do with migration, then Jamaicans can anticipate more restrictive entry policies.

But University professor, Paul Miller, says the issue did not cross his mind when he voted to remain in the Union:


University professor, Paul Miller.

In the meantime, Realtor, Ryan Wilson, who voted ‘leave’, said the issues were much bigger than immigration.

He says he believes the talks about the Leave campaign being anti-immigrants, was a scare mongering tactic:


Jamaican in the UK and realtor, Ryan Wilson.