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Anne-Cheries speaks about the ever-victorious God

Published:Saturday | June 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanna Kaye Monteith
Taylor: We have a God that is always victorious. He's undefeated!
St Thomas native Anne-Cheries Taylor.

St Thomas native Anne-Cheries Taylor's story stands firmly among the many accounts that are given of faithful Christians who have weathered storms that some would deem impossible.

"I remember when I was to start the UTech law programme in 2014. I knew what I wanted - to be in university - but I also knew the status of my parents' pocket. Tuition was expensive, plus I had to rent somewhere to stay. So those two things were puzzling me in that season.

"Of course, I turned to the Students' Loan Bureau (SLB), but my father, who was my guarantor, travelled out the island, so documents that were supposed to be signed couldn't be.

"I still went ahead and rented a place for a good enough price. I barely started school, but fees weren't being paid," she said.

Taylor told Family and Religion that her father faxed the documents to her, but the Bureau told her that they could not accept them. This, she said, frustrated her beyond expression.

"I began telling myself that maybe the college thing wasn't for me. I tried seeking other guarantors, but people are reluctant to lend a hand nowadays. Exams were approaching, everybody was now enrolled, and I was just waiting to be kicked off the system.

I lacked faith. Yes, I did because I was never really looking for a miracle. I was just waiting to be delisted and then try to find a job somewhere," she explained.

The young woman recalled a day when she had a gush of faith and determination as she tried to convince herself that she would not drop out of school.

"So, one day, I decided to go to the accounting office to ask what they could do. But I was bombarded by pride because I stepped in the accounts office, wrote my name to speak to them, but as soon as I stepped up the stairs, I turned back. Every single vein in my body was telling me to just throw in the towel. I mean, I could start again, right?

"While stepping down the stairs, I decided to go to the window to check my SLB status. I knew what the status would be, but I just went there for going sake. I gave the lady my TRN and she said that my status is at 'E'. I thought that meant empty or something like that.




"By this, I decided that I was going to go back home. The only thing that kept me at school was the fact that I was not yet delisted," she said, adding that this puzzled her.

Taylor revealed that she shared her loan status with one of her friends, who advised that she went checked it again. It was then that she realised that the 'E' meant that she was an enrolled student.

"I don't know how! I even went to the SLB and they told me that my documents were outstanding, so I'm not enrolled. It's either God pushed that 'enrolled' button or something, but I was enrolled for that entire year and no school fee was paid, neither by me nor the Bureau. It sounds hard to believe, I know. It still sounds strange to me every time I talk about it, but I believe that God has some way to lift your faith. Every time my faith is being challenged I reminisce on that situation. God know how fi shut yu up too and mek yu shame, because I was ashamed that I lacked faith.

"God knew that His thoughts towards me were to prosper and not to harm me, but at that point, I couldn't see the victory. My carnal eyes could not see what God was doing. In the midst of the confusion, in the midst of nonsense, God had a plan.

"I say to everyone that even when yu nuh see the victory, all when di next step seem like no pathway is there, step same way! Praise same way because we have a God that is always victorious. He's undefeated!" declared Taylor, who is now entering her third year of university.