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The extent God will go for one soul - Valomar Thompson's testimony

Published:Saturday | June 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Valomar Thompson
According to Thompson, his faith was increased as he witnessed the saying 'all things are possible' manifest itself.

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us." - Ephesians 3:20

Valomar Thompson, who attends the Power of Faith Ministries, is an ordinary man with an extraordinary testimony. Only in the Bible have some of us heard astonishing stories such as the parting of a sea or the bush that remained unburned though on fire.

But recently, Thompson and a bus of passengers experienced their very own Bible-like wonder.

It all began like this:

"One morning, God sent me out on the road. I didn't even tell anybody that I was leaving the house or where I was going. I walked for a while until I saw a Number 3 JUTC bus coming from Gregory Park and I jumped on it.

"When I reached Waterford, the Lord said to me, 'Start'. So I started preaching about hell and repentance. Then there was this Rastaman who came up on the bus and immediately started to use expletives at me."

Thompson shared a few of the slurs that were thrown at him:

"Ole dutty Christian bwoy! Unuh come up here fi beg money. Unuh nuh know nothing about God. A matter of fact, there is no God. A Jah!"

The 37-year-old preacher admitted that he was being angered, but he continued to deliver the word.




"When I reached down at Petrojam, going downtown, I saw the people start shuffling. Some ladies began screaming. When I looked, he (the Rastaman) opened his ratchet knife at me and stood alongside me so that I faced him. Then he said, 'Hey bwoy! Yuh nuh hear mi seh nuh God nuh deh? A Jah Rastafari! If you don't stop the preaching, I'm going to ram up my knife in yu belly!'

"I got so angry, and there was this thing that came up over me and I said to him, 'If there is no God, you will prevail over me with your knife, but if there be a God, who made you and me, you will not speak another word to me or in the presence of these people'."

And as Thompson recalled, immediately after saying those words, the man became dumb. He could not speak.

"The people in the bus got into a frenzy! They started to scream. The bus driver even stopped the bus and saw the wonder of God's hand," he said, admitting that he too was amazed, but could not show it.




According to Thompson, upon realising that he could not talk, the Rastaman began to rip the locks from his head one by one.

And as if the people weren't shocked enough, something else happened.

"When I was leaving, I was praying and asking God to release him that he could talk. I pointed my finger at him and said,'You may speak in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, so that you will know He is God'. Immediately, he spoke again," he accounted.

Thompson told Family and Religion that the man gave his life to the Lord right there on the bus.

Strange enough, the newly converted man died a week after this ordeal.

"To the extent that God will go for one soul," he said, adding that his faith was increased as the saying "all things are possible" manifested itself.