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Samsung introduces new refrigerator line

Published:Monday | June 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
One of the new Samsung top-mounted freezer refrigerators with exclusive Twin Cooling Plus technology.

Eating out in a good restaurant is always a good call, especially in terms of gastronomic experience and practicality.

Thinking about bringing these sensations to consumers' homes, Samsung presents its new top-mounted freezer refrigerators with exclusive Twin Cooling Plus technology. Designed to improve the conservation of the food significantly, the Twin Cooling Plus technology was created by the company's research and development team to ensure the original flavour of ingredients is stored, keeping them preserved and odour-free.

Thanks to the truly independent cooling system with separate airflows in both fridge and freezer, Samsung officials say the food will remain fresher and the ingredients will taste just as they did when the consumer purchased them.







Samsung understands it is a common disappointment to reach into the refrigerator and find that fruit or vegetables have lost their natural moisture, even when kept in the vegetable drawer. When searching for a fresh and delicious meal, homemakers can put all your skills into action and prepare their favourite dishes from scratch, without having to go grocery shopping every time they need a fresh ingredient for a recipe.

When fruit and vegetables lose their natural moisture in low-humidity conditions, the surface becomes dry and wrinkled and, indeed, it affects the dish outcome. Optimum levels of moisture within the refrigerator are needed to keep taste locked in. The twin cooling system ensures humidity levels of up to 70 per cent are maintained throughout the fridge, so no matter where food is stored, it stays fresh for twice as long as a conventional refrigerator.