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Portia garners support for re-election plans

Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2016 | 9:28 AM

Debbie-Ann Wright, News Editor - Radio

People’s National Party President, Portia Simpson Miller, is receiving support for her decision to seek re-election come September, with one PNP councillor saying a leadership race would be unwise ahead of local government elections.

At Sunday’s meeting of the National Executive Council of the party former PNP vice-president Dr Karl Blythe told Simpson Miller to set a timetable to end her leadership of the beleaguered party.

But outspoken PNP councillor Venesha Phillips says if Simpson Miller had indicated that she would be leaving this year, it would send the party into chaos.

Speaking on the programme ‘Straightforward’ on Nationwide 90 FM last night, Phillips said there are a lot of people anxiously waiting to fight for the post.

She says Simpson Miller is being responsible by deciding not to step aside yet.


Meanwhile, Phillips has chastised the head of the PNP Patriots, Javette Nixon, for statements he has made regarding Simpson Miller’s perceived reluctance to go.

On Sunday, Nixon posted on social media that every well-thinking PNP member should be freaking out following Simpson Miller’s declaration that she will be seeking to continue as party leader.

However, Phillips says he does not believe the fact that Simpson Miller lost the February 25 General Election means she should step aside.


Councillor for the Papine Divison, Venesha Phillips.

The PNP secretariat says nominations for the various posts in the party will open on Wednesday, July 13.

PNP General Secretary Paul Burke says nominations will close on July 20.