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Buff Bay top students make school proud

Published:Thursday | June 30, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis
Top girl Shanique Noyan poses with her mother Shelly-Ann Watson.
Buff Bay Primary School top boy Cardiff McKenzie.


Poverty is hardly an excuse for failure, and as such, Shanique Noyan and Cardiff McKenzie have proven just that. The two emerged as top girl and boy, respectively, at Buff Bay Primary in Portland, where they both secured impressive averages in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

The top girl, who is described as well organised, hard-working, and a well disciplined person by teacher Kerry-Ann Young, appears destined for greater things having declared that she is on a quest to pursue her dream of becoming a scientist.

"I am even more confident that she will do well in high school," said Young.

"This is one student that strives for excellence and perfection. Her grades in GSAT speak volumes of her potential, and I must say that the best is yet to come. All will be unfolded following her Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate [Examinations] in five years' time. This is one of the bright sparks who derives from humble beginnings in the farming community of Hart Hill," she added.

Noyan's scores were 96 in mathematics; and 100 in social studies, science, language arts and communication task, for an impressive average of 99.2 per cent.

And for mother Shelly-Ann Watson, her daughter's success comes as no surprise as the many sleepless nights spent studying, coupled with extra classes, have paid off.

"Yes, there are going to be challenges at the new school. However, I am very confident that with her determination and ability, she will overcome the many hurdles as this is what she prayed for. Going to Titchfield high is a plus for her as this is the school of her first choice. Her father and I will continue to play a supportive role, and we are confident that she will make everyone proud," she added.

But for Shanique, who is also head girl at Buff Bay Primary School, her grades can only get better as she will be focusing on excellence, while laying the foundation for a bright future academically.

On the other hand, McKenzie, who also hails from the Hart Hill community, is harbouring thoughts of becoming a scientist. The top boy told Rural Xpress that he will be aiming high at Titchfield High come September as he begins the climb towards academic success.

McKenzie's scores were mathematics 99; language arts 95; communication task 100; social studies 95; and 98 for science, for an average of 97.4 per cent.