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UPDATE: Police, fire personnel clear roadblocks mounted in protest of #AlphaStudentShooting

Published:Thursday | June 30, 2016 | 4:34 PM
Firemen douse a fire on East Street in downtown Kingston today. It is alleged that the fire was lit in protest of the shooting of an Alpha schoolgirl.
Vehicles drive next to a fire along East Street in Kingston today. It is alleged that the fire was lit in protest of the shooting of an Alpha schoolgirl.
A bullet hole is seen in the back windshield of a Honda motor car that left a Alpha schoolgirl seriously injured.

Police and fire department personnel are working to clear roadblocks in sections of downtown Kingston mounted by disgruntled taxi operators who are protesting the shooting of a schoolgirl allegedly by the police in a taxi this morning.

They have used an old refrigerator, tyres and other debris to block the roads.

The operators have accused the police of being excessive.

Earlier this afternoon, the driver of the taxi told The Gleaner that about 7:30 this morning he was at a taxi stand at the intersection of Sutton Street and Church Street picking up passengers.

He said the Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha) schoolgirl and male students from other schools entered his car and he proceeded up Church Street.

He said while driving a Hiace van almost ran into his taxi.

The taxi operator further said that on turning onto North Street a man inside the van identified himself as a policeman.

He says other persons who appeared to be police personal were also inside the van.

The taxi man said the men subsequently exited the van and were armed with guns.

He said he then drove onto Mark Lane and while driving he heard a barrage of gunshots.

He said he heard a loud scream from the back of the taxi and when he looked around he saw blood streaming down the face of the schoolgirl.

The driver said he drove for some distance where he let off frightened passengers.

He said the schoolgirl attempted to get out of the taxi expressing fear that she would be shot again.

 “Mi say, 'No! You cyan come out! I have to carry you up a public [Kingston Public Hospital]'," the driver said, recounting the incident.

"She said: 'Driver, mi a guh dead?'. And mi seh, 'no'.”

The taxi operator said he then transported her to the hospital where she was admitted.