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UPDATED: From teller to the island's top insurance adviser

Published:Thursday | June 30, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Top insurance and financial advisor in the island for Scotia Insurance, Lisa Stultz.

MANDEVIILE, Manchester:

When 25-year-old Lisa Stultz started working at Scotiabank approximately seven years ago, her aim was to keep busy while pursuing a degree in law online. But today, through numerous promotions as a result of her hard work, she is now the top insurance adviser in the island for the company.

Holding the office of insurance and financial adviser with the Scotiabank subsidiary Scotia Insurance for just over a year, Stultz, having left retail banking as a teller, worked with the insurance arm as a customer service representative and support adviser.

Stultz now currently serves as the adviser for the Mandeville region, which consists of two branches.

"My day really includes interacting with clients, sometimes even up to 100 clients per day on the phone or face to face. They turn to you for everything, even when it's not directly related. I think what I did right was to gain the trust of my clients. That has been key," said Stultz.

Midway into the year, Stultz has already exceeded her year-to-date target by over 200 per cent, qualifying her for the highest award in that category.

"I like challenges and I also like helping people. At the end of the day, to know that I have helped them with such sound financial advice that has helped them in some way, I feel satisfied. I'm very results-oriented, so at the end of the month, I like to see that I have completed the tasks," she noted.

With her father serving as a bank manager for 28 years, Stultz feels she is now carrying on the legacy of the family by serving in her capacity and excelling at it.

"I started in telling when I was 19. I don't like to be lazy and I believe women should work and have real jobs, too. This was initially a stepping stone for me before I realised the passion I had for it. The promotions were fast because I got one almost every year, and when you find that you are doing so well at something, why not continue?" she said.

"You have to set goals for yourself and then decide how you are going to achieve these goals. I started out with a strategy. I knew what it was exactly that I wanted to achieve and I worked assiduously towards it," Stultz told Rural Xpress.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story had said Stultz worked with the Scotiabank subsidiary Scotia Investments. That was incorrect. She actually worked with the Scotiabank subsidiary Scotia Insurance.