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Denise Findlater - glorifying God through music

Published:Saturday | July 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas
Denise Findlater is committed to using her voice to glorify God and bring encouragement and hope to others.


Having spent more than 20 years honing her skills in the art of composing music and having released her debut album in 2009, Montego Bay-based gospel singer Denise Findlater is committed to using her voice to glorify God and bring encouragement and hope to others.

"The music has to do with my aims, and I have three aims: increase faith in the hearts of growing Christians, inspire holiness in the lives of the delivered, and letting people know that Jesus cares," said the 42-year-old Findlater, who resides in the volatile Norwood area of the western city.

"If there was ever a time where we see hopelessness in our people, it is now, and I want to be part of this terrific, dynamic ministry where I can encourage the hearts of persons," added Findlater, who has released her album, Faith, in Antigua and Jamaica.




A longstanding member of the Norwood Wesleyan Holiness Church, where she serves as praise and worship team leader and as a choir-member, the versatile Findlater, who is currently employed as a nurse, began fine-tuning her musical gift at age 23.

"I always wanted to find a way to help others pursue their goals and to encourage the hearts of people, and so the Lord would have me to do writing, or composing of songs, and bringing it out in this medium to reach the hearts of people," said Findlater.

"It started way back when I was about age 23, when the music started to become fruitful. I realised it was within me to write and compose songs."

It would not be until 2003 when Findlater really got the push to go into a recording studio to record her music. The push came via a suggestion by a church member.

"It was about April 2003 when I first wrote a song for our Caribbean Youth Congress, and it became the theme song for the year," recalled Findlater.

"It took me about five minutes to pen the wording of the song, and everybody said, 'you have a gift', and a brother, Warren Scarlett, encouraged me to continue in (pursue recording) studio."

Through Scarlett, Findlater would make the acquaintance of Montego Bay-based music producer Richard 'Goofy' Campbell.

"Mr Scarlett introduced me to Mr Campbell, who has a studio in Montego Bay. That was about the same time of the Caribbean Youth Congress, in 2003. He was the one who did the musical arrangement of my song for me," said Findlater.




Her album, Faith, which contains songs that speak about holding on to one's faith in God and trusting Him in all circumstances, was released in Antigua in 2009, and 2010 in Jamaica.

"When I compare both album launches, the reception in Antigua was one that made me feel overwhelmed," Findlater admitted.

"At the time, I did not understand to what extent I was expected to uphold the name of Jesus, but when I went to the actual conference setting, where persons would recognize the work done by various church district personnel, I realised that my work as a member of the Wesleyan Church is really looked upon. I felt as if I had accomplished a great task for God."

Findlater is working on two more songs to be released next year.

She is advising young people to pursue their calling and to put faith in God.

"I would tell every young person, do not let your dream die inside of you, and try everything before giving up, and if their eyes are fixed on God and their hearts are in the right place, then God can use them, just as how He used me to move mountains for Him," she said.