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Derona Temika Nunes-Davis: Giving God the glory for her pains

Published:Saturday | July 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Derona Temika Nunes-Davis

Derona Temika Nunes-Davis has made the final cut in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) Gospel Festival with her entry Glory From This.

The song which came from a period in her life when she went through a lot of pain, feeling rejected and like an outcast, could prove to be a winner for her.

In a one on one with Family and Religion, Nunes-Davis shared on the inspiration behind the lyrics of the song.

"There was a time in my life when my sister, pastor and I attended a certain church. We used to get revelations in corrective measures for certain individuals in the church," she shared.

Unfortunately, those for whom the vision was intended were 'popular and beloved' of the church and so the trio found themselves being talked about, lied on and treated like outcasts in the church.

It got so much to them that they stopped attending that particular church. In fact, for a while, they didn't go to any house of worship.

It eventually got to them and one day while they were all in a car in Mandeville - they burst into tears.

"We started crying and wondering - where next, we couldn't go on as we were. We knew what God is to us and we had no intention of turning back. Then my pastor started to sing this song - one he made up, 'God is going to get the glory out of this'," she said.

That 'impromptu' song became a collaborative effort between her sister, pastor and herself and one which is now a part of the top 10 in the competition.

According to Davis, she is hoping those listening to the songs will take the intended message from it.

"No matter what you are going though, no matter who are talking about you, keep on praying. Before gold is produced, it must go through the fire. So if you want to come forth as pure gold, then you must endure the pain for God to get the glory," she shared.

"While playing in a marl heap in a neighbours's yard, I fell from the peak of that heap to the ground and split my tongue and I couldn't eat or talk properly for over three weeks," she reminisced.

Her entry in the competition is also another miracle as she didn't even know she was in!

"My 'spiritual mother' Mrs Sonia Fry wrote my name down to enter and only alerted me to the fact when she told me that I had to go to a JCDC workshop. So I literally had no choice," she said.

Davis is now looking forward to growing from strength to strength, both in her spirituality and her singing career, which she said has been her life-long dream.

Davis who hails from Bellefield, Manchester has been serving the Lord since 2009.

Davis is also an ordained evangelist and has done nationwide ministry with Pastor K.K. Vidal for the last five years.