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Kevin Heath’s extraordinary journey – Part 1

Published:Saturday | July 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Kevin Heath is a latter-day man with a biblical testimony. The story of Lazarus comes to mind. Heath recounted the extraordinary experience of being brought back to life after being dead for three nights and two days.

The St Elizabeth native told Family and Religion of an encounter that would change the course of his life forever.

"I was at a post office in Montego Bay, where I was staying at the time, and a lady approached me and told me that the Lord will take me through an accident and that when He brings me back I should use it as a testimony.

"She then put her hand over my face. I was upset about that because I didn't know her. When she was finished I followed her around a corner, then she disappeared. My friends said I was talking to myself. It was then I realised it was an angel," Heath said admitting that though he was a Christian at the time, he was 'messing' around with his Christianity.

Four days later, that which the lady had prophesied came to pass.

It was approximately 1:30 a.m. one day in December 2003 when Heath was on his way home in Montego Bay.

He was turning into his driveway when everything happened at once.

Two other cars collided with his.

What happened next is what Heath calls an 'out of body experience'.

"I could see a man picking up my body. I saw when I was brought to the hospital then transferred to another one. My body was lifeless but the doctors were observing me still.

"They could not find any life in the body so they tied my feet and hands to a bed, sealed my mouth and ears and put me in a cooler," he revealed adding that he was among four people who had died in the crash.




Heath told Family and Religion that during the time his body was on ice, his spirit was travelling.

"My spirit went to hell first. I encountered the enemy and he asked me why I can't die. I didn't answer. While I was at hell I didn't see a literal fire but I could feel it in my soul and in my body there was a temperament of fire. I couldn't take it, I couldn't breathe.

"An angel then took me to Heaven. There were angels singing and there was this big candlelight in front of me. I couldn't look up at it because it was so bright.

"Then the Lord spoke to me. He said, 'I'm going to send you back to my people, and you shall deliver The Word in season and out of season. Anywhere you go you shall talk about the goodness of the Lord. I'm going to prepare you to deliver My Word'," said Heath who was 23 three years old at the time.

It was seconds after God's voice faded that the said he was brought back to life.

This was three days after the collision.

"I heard my heart start to beat slowly then fast. Then I suddenly came back to life.

"I started to move and it seemed someone had come to take out one of the bodies from the cooler and heard the movements and went to call the other nurses and they came.

"When I came back I was so cold," Heath said as he recounted what must have been a scary yet surprising experience for the nurses at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.


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