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Montague backs embattled Police Commissioner

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2016 | 7:22 PM
Montague: The government has confidence in the police commissioner "at this time".

National Security Minister Robert Montague is supporting Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams amid calls for him to step down as the murder rate spirals. 

During his contribution to the Sectoral Debates Tuesday, Montague said the government has confidence in the police commissioner "at this time" adding that all crimes except for murder have decreased under the watch of the Commissioner.


Security Minister Robert Montague

Earlier this week, government senator Charles Sinclair publicly called for the resignation of Police Commissioner stating that Williams was "out of his depth" in responding to crime in western Jamaica.

Sinclair made the comment after Williams said a State of Emergency would not solve Montego Bay's crime problem as they were social.

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IN PHOTO: Government Senator Charles Sinclair

Williams has since explained that with the recent killing of 20 people in St James he would reconsider calls for a state of emergency.

However, he said it had to be regarded as a short-term measure.

Sinclair has since withdrawn his calls for Williams' resignation.

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However, Williams says while he has set a timetable for his departure as commissioner, pressure could force him to resign before that time.