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Calls for morality among men at Norman Manley 123rd anniversary celebrations

Published:Thursday | July 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
JohnMarc Deacon giving a tribute in dub poetry at Norman Manley 123rd anniversary celebrations

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Having left a rich legacy of service above self and incomparable patriotism, the late Norman Manley was credited with making a vast impact, and during the 123rd anniversary celebration of his birth on Monday, there were urgent pleas to not only remember those glory days but to return to them.

Mayor of Mandeville Brenda Ramsay expressed that in light of many topical issues, a man like Norman Manley would have executed his duties with efficiency and through diplomacy.

"No doubt his brilliant mind would be at work to ensure CARICOM that matters relating to this would be efficiently and diplomatically dealt with, the matter of whether to hang or not to hang would be constitutionally settled," said Ramsay.

"His comments on 'Brexit' - would the results be what they are presently, and I, for one, would love to hear his thoughts on Mr Donald Trump as president of the United States as a hopeful."




Member of Parliament for Central Manchester Peter Bunting explained that it is with these events that the country will gradually regain momentum in the right direction.

"In a time when the world is so volatile, when violent extremism is on the rise, it seems as if we have our own local violent extremism, but we refer to them as criminals. When globalisation seems to have paused, if not reversed, with the rise of isolationist politicians, it is perhaps good that we have ceremonies such as these as an anchor, as we reflect on the life of this great man," said Bunting.

Guest speaker Barbara Gloudon detailed several flaws of Jamaicans and their development, and made a call for renewal and unity as a solution, pointing out that those who govern cannot do it by themselves.




She said, "So much we have to do in saving this country because it needs saving... . Right now, we need to stop a bit and wonder how are we going to save this country from the madness which is besetting us."

Gloudon beseeched, "Let us look into ourselves. We are the people who are educated, but it may surprise you that we are not playing as strong a role in our community as we ought. Some people will not get involved and this is not what Norman Manley and his wife and, later, his sons and so on, would do, conscious of the fact that we all have a stake in what is happening in our community."

In calling out a number of parents on their wrongs, Gloudon admonished that children must be disciplined and taught morals and values.

"Some children are out of control. You go on some colleges and the behaviour there is unbelievable. You see people that you think knew better and they are not doing better. We are not settling down and finding out what is right for us," she said.