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Glendevon Centre of Excellence to reopen

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry
Heroy Clarke

Western Bureau:

Heroy Clarke, the member of parliament for Central St James, says the Glendevon Centre of Excellence, which has been closed for the past three years, is to be reopened later this month.

Clarke also pointed out that the $1 million electricity bill, which the centre accumulated and was partly responsible for its closure in 2013, has now being paid, paving the way for the resumption of skills-training activities at the facility.

"The outstanding light bill was cleared by the Ministry of Energy along with JPSCo and New Fortress Energy Company," Clarke told The Gleaner. "We are now ready to start training young people again."

Clarke explained that the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) recently tested the revamped facility with 25 youngsters from communities within the constituency. These youngsters will be trained as bartenders.

The CSJP, along with HEART Trust and the Ministry of Justice, is slated to provide the administrative staff, which will drive the various programmes at the centre.


Clear need


"The centre is something that I would say is severely needed because you will understand that from the last set of events, things have not been so positive," said Clarke, alluding to the crime situation in the parish.

"We really need to point these youngsters in the direction that will take them across to the positive side of life. You have some of these youngsters who would like to get out of the whole scope of negativity. Some are even afraid of leaving the confines of their communities," added Clarke.

It is for this reason that Clarke is aiming to introduce social programmes in some of the problem-plagued communities with the aid of CSJP, the Peace Management Initiative and Social Development Commission.

"We have a chicken rearing and beekeeping programme that we are going to run as pilot projects," said Clarke, in reference to two pilot projects that are to be launched in Canterbury soon.

"I want to bring some social amenities development to the citizens to help them make a life, as well as to teach them to be responsible young people in society."