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Regional doctor calls on Jamaica to embrace healthy living

Published:Friday | July 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin

San Jose:

With obesity known for its potential to short-circuit longevity and pose serious threat to a person's ability to cope with cancer, Dr Daniel Ciriano, regional medical doctor for Latin America, has expressed the need for Jamaicans, along with other persons living in developing countries, to embrace healthy living as a lifestyle.

"Obesity has different factors which influence not only longevity, but also the outcome when you have a chronic disease. Obesity is not only having high weight, but it is also a big problem for the body's metabolism," he said following a Roche Press conference which was held at the Marriot Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, on Wednesday.

"So the body is working differently and having an extra workload when you need to deal with the different metabolic conditions that are triggered by obesity. You have not only the stress of the cancer itself, but the obesity is an added stress for the body, not only because you need to carry your weight but because the metabolism is not working in the best way," he said.

He said there should be a renewed focus on educating persons on the significance of practising healthy lifestyles as this played a huge part in increasing longevity.

"We know that 30 per cent of all the diseases related to cancer are heavily influenced by alcohol, not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and having a high mass index ... When you have a higher mass index, you have more chances of having a worst outcome," he said.




"It is also the general recommendation to have a good lifestyle not just for the sake of living healthy, but also when you suffer any kind of chronic disease like cancer, having a healthy lifestyle increases the chances of you being able to cope much better," the medical doctor said.

The doctor stressed the need for individuals to get regular checks done in order to detect any abnormalities early.

"You can suffer cancer at any age of life. That's why we recommend periodical checks with the doctors, not only self-checking but also getting professionals to do the necessary examinations. There are some ages where you have to do more complex screening, but it is imperative that you take health seriously no matter your age," he charged.