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Kevoy Burton loves every minute of being a dad

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Kevoy Burton and his son, Kaleb.

He was unprepared for the mixed feelings when news broke that he would become a father.

After all, he thought he would have completed school and received employment before starting a family. But that wasn't the case, and an adjustment to the life of added responsibilities was needed urgently.

"I was in my third year at university when I got the news. Boy, it was mixed feelings! I was disappointed in myself and then all of that changed to anxiety. I started wondering how I was going to take care of a child without a job as I was unemployed at the time - I had paused going to school but it wasn't because of the child - it was actually different circumstances," he began.

A commercial content executive at Loop Jamaica, actor and TV host, Kevoy Burton was actively engaged in helping his partner prepare for the baby, a task which, in turn, helped him to understand a new sphere he had never before entered.

"Funny thing is, the day before Kaleb (son) came, I came home the Monday evening and my partner told me she was ready for him and she was researching natural things that would induce labour - dancing it was. We danced the entire evening. The very next morning on our way to work, she started feeling contractions. We headed straight to the hospital. We were there for the entire day, but Kaleb remained chill. He literally came like 12 hours later," Burton beamed.




Every man has his dumb moment when it comes on to caring for his child, and Burton is certainly no exception.

"My dumb moments were packing for Kaleb. I used to take one bottle and maybe a diaper. Then, one day he was hungry after his only bottle (laughing). Now, I pack everything. I'm a pro packer!"

He continued, "Parenting is always going to be hard but I actually enjoy it. I don't even mind doing everything for him. I literally take over when I come home. He's a little rough for mommy. He barely fusses. But when he does, we just turn on 'Puppy Play' he will watch that for hours."




Knowing what it is like to get the full support of his father, Burton's wish is for the very same and much more for his own son.

"A father should always be there to teach his son: teach him everything he needs to know about life, women, sports, etc. They should be best of friends. My father and I get along great. He has taught me so much and is still teaching me. For as long as I can remember, my father has been there every step of the way which has pushed me even more to be there for Kalebdon (as I affectionately call him)."

He further mentioned, "Every day is daddy-son day: we have conversations. Of course, I can't understand a word he is saying, but I encourage his conversations. I take him everywhere with me. He's a daddy's boy. His face lights up every evening when I pick him up."

More than anything in the world, Burton wants for his son to "realise his dreams of becoming a Manchester United first team player (laughing). I'll settle for high school football. I actually look forward to him being an exceptional human being. I look forward to him being outstanding in his class, in sports, in whatever he pursues."