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Shanoye proudly professes her Christianity and her craft

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Christian poet, Shanoye Norman.
Norman: My art complements my Christianity and vice versa. I can't see myself outside of following the path of Christ.
Shanoye Norman speaks of her genuine love for writing.

Morant Bay, St Thomas

A lover of words who prides herself in all things Godly, Shanoye Norman proudly and unashamedly professes her Christianity and her craft. She told Family and Religion that the pieces she writes include mostly poetry, prose fictions and inspirational stories.

"To be more specific, experiences are my muse. I write about encounters with God, people and nature. I am very introspective. And everything that can be of meaning draws my pen," she explained.

Shanoye says that there is a strong relationship between her Christianity and her art.

According to her: "I perceive it as a gift from God and, as such, I'm hyper aware that even though I use it to vent at times, I know the purpose for which it is there, which is to impact another soul - similar to how Asaph would play his instrument, not only because he is skillful, but to encourage other souls."



She revealed that the first encounter with poetry that revolutionised her art was watching poets in P4cm, a body of Christian poets who do spoken word.

Now the 23-year-old says that she is almost nothing without her faith and her art and that the two are reliant on each other.

"My art complements my Christianity and vice versa. I can't see myself outside of following the path of Christ though I do err at times. And I can't see myself outside of writing poetry either. I see them as a synergy in my being which is their meeting place. They are a reflection of each other in myriad ways. My faith affects my writing. I write about how I should live to please Christ and what pleases Him," she said.

Although she admits that her poems are not all faith-based, there are some genres which she is uncomfortable writing based on the value system of her beliefs.




The woman of God spoke of her genuine love for writing.

"I always wished it (writing) was human the way it gets me. How I don't have to hide my truths and make reservations," she explained.

But though she's captivated by the sensation, Shanoye is fully aware that people's art can become their idol.

"It's as simple as this, anything you put before God becomes your idol. So if I find myself sacrificing more for it and not putting God in the mix and if I find that it is causing me to stray from Godly principles and I still love it more, then it becomes my idol," she explained, adding that she has the remedy to keep that from happening to her.

She said: "To keep this from happening, you have to remain rooted in the Word. For the scripture says, 'He honours His word above His name'. When you align your words with Him it becomes a force to be reckoned with.

It sounds easy theoretically, but it has to be a conscious choice that one makes every day; that it's not about me really, it's about God. So He must have pre-eminence in this craft. Even when I know I am noble prize material. Introspections help and having good mentors in your life and friends who are spiritually grounded go a far way too."