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In tip-top shape –Tonishia Stanley does it all as super mom

Published:Saturday | July 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Tonishia Stanley with her boys (from left) Justin and Jerome Stanley.
Justin (left) and Jerome posing with mommy after completing a walkathon.

Mandeville, Manchester

Always on the go, always engaged and always attaining the goals she has set is the life Tonishia Stanley has come to know and love for years.

Multiply that times two and that is the everyday reality of the full-time working super mom, who juggles life as a Zumba fitness instructor, owner of the Ishia Zumba Studio (Ward Avenue, Mandeville), event planner, and mother of two teenage boys, who lead a very hectic life themselves.

"Managing family and business has its challenges - with the demands of the children and their activities including pick-ups, Taekwondo, and football practices, matches and tournaments, it's constantly on the go, but I try my best to balance everything as best as possible."

Ensuring each aspect of her life is given attention and no part is neglected, Stanley prepares everything for fluidity.

"My job is flexible enough, but once I am there, its physical and mental. I recently added mornings to the studio schedule and that has been an additional challenge for me, personally. But aside from teaching classes, I also work out with a trainer, so I have to make time for myself as well."


Stanley began her Zumba studio out of a need for some fun in fitness as she found regular aerobics classes to be boring. She currently offers piloxing (pilates and kickboxing), pole fitness and piyo as a part of the package.

But apart from providing a different approach to fitness and gaining results from her students, Stanley loves some downtime - watching series with her boys, experimenting with new recipes, or feeding her soca-junkie cravings.

"For family time, we have our favourite series that we watch together. Also, my children sometimes accompany me to the studio until I finish class on the weekends. We cook and try different recipes, we also take family trips outside of Mandeville. For me time, I try and sleep and relax and maybe enjoy an occasional party or two, when possible. I am a soca junkie so that time of year, I can be found enjoying the music at an event," said a jocund Stanley.

Stanley is driven by a need to achieve and maintain success and setting a good example for her children, which she hopes will allow them see the real world and make sound decisions.

"You must never think of going back in life and changing something. Every moment is a stepping stone that taught you something. I am grateful and thankful for what I have accomplished and where I am now in my life. Every random person who has passed by in my life has contributed directly or indirectly to the present state I am in, good or bad."

Stanley's advice to other working moms is to "stick to your dreams and your passion and keep God at the forefront of everything. Never give up, even when it might seem impossible. Let your children be your motivation to push you to always want to be the best for them and for yourself."